EN 15085 Welding of Railway Vehicles
Freight Wagon Bogies
Special welded structures - Freight Car and Bogies, chassis, air ducts for the locomotives, cabins for building machines and locomotives

Freight Wagons & Freight Cars Railway Equipment ESRAY Freight Wagons, Freight Cars, Locomotive Cabin
Railway Equipment
Y25Ls(s)d1 TSI Certificate
EN 15085

Welding of railway vehicles and components - Railway applications. Wheelsets and bogies
Certificate for welding for railway wehicles components according to 15085-2
Chassis & Framework
Chassis for Freight Wagon

Traverser for Freight Wagon

Cabins for building machines
Framework Freight Wagon

Traverser, Framework and Chassis for Freight Wagon

Manufacturing of Traverser, Framework and Chassis for Freight Wagon

Freight Car Framework - Chassis

Freight Car Bogies
kabine herstellung, kabinenherstellung
Air channels-housing for locomotives
Various cabin production

Sheet Metal and Profile Processing : Combined of CNC Laser, NC Bending presses, NC shears, Band and circular saws, and pipe bending machines.
DESIGN: We are capable of providing design services to our customers by means of 3D design softwares. Designs made according to the requirements and expectations of our customers are produced as a prototype first and then in serial production conditions upon getting the approval of our customers.
Welding: Certificate for welding for railway wehicles components according to 15085-2, 20 Welding stations, EN 287-1 certified welders
Painting: Surface preperation by degreasing and sand blasting prior to the painting. Conveyor equipped spray booths for surface coating When requested by the customers, cataphoresis treatment operation is also made through our suppliers
Assembly: We make the assembly of various components such as interior&exterior trimming components, operator seat, air conditioning, etc. at our flexible assembly lines according to demands of our customers. Deliveries are made after completing the visual inspections, electricity and functionality tests, and water proof tests

About Us: Our company was founded in 1985, began their activities in a 60 m² workshop. Today we are going in the industry, by the latest technology in our plant, the 8,000 m² closed and combined 7,000 m² open space is to serve.

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